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This color throughout our website is the update posts that I made today 7.18.2017 and again today 10.4.2017

2017 Ride Schedule subject to change for things like crappy weather or road/trail conditions: Maps for our tides can be found in the Photo Gallery. Except for the Ruby creek ride!

We did get our permit from the Forest Service and it was approved as requested except for the second ride at Hansen creek as proposed, if anyone wants to we can change this ride to another weekend and most likely get it approved just let me know.  I will get the maps updated and posted in the near future. Meeting places and times will be discussed at our monthly meetings and I will have them posted here as well.

Our first ride: May 20th and 21st will be our annual campout at Kiel springs along the Sheep creek road #1500. There will be a potluck BBQ on Saturday after the ride and the club will furnish the burgers and buns. there will be a bucket ride on Saturday beginning at 10am, $5/hand or 5 hands for $20. We plan to head up Friday morning sometime and stay till Sunday afternoon. Completed and it was a great weekend!

Our second ride: May27th and 28th will be the Hansen creek area see map for camping area.  If anyone wants to we can change this ride to another weekend and most likely get it approved just let me know.

Our third ride: June 17th and is the Owl mtn. ride same routes as in the past. I had the wrong date on this one! However the ride is tomorrow and Keith will lead this ride, meet at the junction of the Little Boulder road(#9576) and the Grouse mtn road(#9576150). which is about 4 miles up from the Highway 395. Keith says to be there at 9am. thanks to Keith, Delmar and Renee from the club for cutting this route out sounds like it was allot of work. Have fun and be safe.

Our fourth ride: June 24th and is the Stranger Mtn. ride. Merrill and Anne will lead this ride from their place at 1675 Marble Valley Rd, Addy. Easiest way is to go through Addy heading out towards the old Alcoa plant on the Addy Gifford road go about 1.5 miles on this road and turn right on the Marble Valley road(#9325) go about 1.5 miles and you will be there on the left. Merrill says to be there about 9:30am.

July 1st:  we might stick in another ride and we will call it the Frisco Standard/Ione ride. several of us are going to check in out this coming week and I will post more info here after we do. and if you need more info call Gary or Ronda @684-6898 in the evenings for details. We did this ride on the 1st of July and it was a long, fairly dusty ride about 70 miles, lunch in Ione, I think there was 14 machines and about 22 people…we all had fun and will do some other rides in this area in the future.

Our fifth ride: July 8th and is the Togo, Independence, Manley ridge area. Some new areas on this ride. We will stage at the same place we did for the Owl mtn. ride at 9am and Keith will lead this ride also.

Our sixth ride: July 22nd and is the Mack/King, Twin sisters/Deadman loop. We are still planning on this ride it sounds like, Ronda and I will not be attending this one. Meet at the gravel pit just up the road from the Walpaloosie trailhead and campground. Same place as usual at 0900 this Saturday morning. I will talk with Keith and see if he will take the lead on this ride since he has a copy of the permit.

Our seventh ride: August 26th and is a new ride in the Frisco Standard/Cedar creek area our the Aladdin Highway, north of Cedar lake. We did this ride on July 1st. So this weekend will be free from club rides.

Our eighth ride: September 10th is the South Huckleberry ride same as last year. completed

Our ninth and final ride: October 7th is the Beaver Lodge/Ruby Creek loop we did last year, there will be a couple of modifications from last years routes. The plan is to meet at the Beaver Lodge resort for breakfast at 0800 and depart on the ride no later than 0930. We plan to park and unload  in a Forest Service trailhead which is just off of highway 20 to the left about 100 yds before the Lodge(South Fork of Mill creek road). We will go back to the parking area after breakfast and wait until 0930 before we leave on the ride. We should ride our ATV’s to the Beaver Lodge because there is limited parking there for trailers and the like. See you all there, if you have any questions give us a call at 684-6898