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-This is the web link to the NE Washington Trails site :

This is the link to the Avenza pdf maps that we talked about: just type in: go to pdf maps and install. its free and it only works on mobile devices as far as I can tell. once the software is installed open the app and you will see a screen that says getting started. Just go to the shopping cart symbol click and navigate to Parks, Forests & Grasslands, then move the map around and center the area you are looking for and it will show a “list” of the maps available. I did get all four of the CNF Motor Vehicle Use Maps downloaded on my device and they look good…remember these are only good through March 31st and maybe by then the new ones will be out.

Note: you will need to sign in with the account that you may have set up for your device (phone or tablet) if you haven’t done that you will need to before you can download the application.

Good Luck!!  Getting the app for your phone is now available using the Play Store or iTunes Store – just search for Avenza maps, install the free app (there is a paid upgrade if you want more features), then start the app.  Once your Avenza app starts, you can search for maps in the area you’re interested in – these range from USFS to BLM to DNR, topographic maps, and more!

Contact us at TCMRA, 1675 Marble Valley Basin Rd., Addy, WA 99101 or



Craig Newman of the USFS is leading a trail system planning project under the new “All Hands, All Trails” concept in NE Washington, and as members of the NEWSTART steering committee helping to manage this planning process, we’re trying to get input from stakeholders on their opinions of the current inventory of trails, trail condition, and trail capacity.  Our main interest is to discover where gaps are located – gaps between trails/connectivity issues, gaps between trailheads/parking areas and trails, gaps between campgrounds/services and trails, or gaps where you feel there need to be new trails or perhaps different trails for varying trail experiences or levels of ability/accessibility.  We understand that a current condition statement is essentially impossible until the trails clear, but in general, we’re working on a qualitative statement to begin our planning process, trying to determine a general overall statement of trail condition based on current stewardship/land owner management levels.


I’ve attached a short guide to what questions we’re trying to answer for a trail system analysis for the tri-county area (which can extend into Okanogan and also east into Idaho).  We have all of the trails mapped for the Colville NF, the Tonasket Ranger District, the Loomis State Forest, and other DNR/WDFW/BLM lands, but need input on condition and capacity, plus general comments about the trails or proposed trails you’d like to see developed.  I’ve also attached a spreadsheet format for general comments – if you and your club could help us with this data-gathering process, it would be of great assistance to the development of a master trail system plan for NE Washington that’s being done to meet RCO standards so that stakeholders can apply for grants using the NEWSTART plans.


If possible, we’d love to have your input in person at our meetings, as well – we meet the 4th Tuesday at Tri-County Economic Development in Colville, WA, and Go To Meeting online and phone links are available for those who can’t make the meeting in person.  We have a USFS Enterprise Program facilitator to guide our process, and currently have attendees from all the major land managers, but are lacking in recreation stakeholder input.  We’re trying to ensure each recreation group’s needs are met, but also don’t want to assume anything about your goals and group needs, so would greatly appreciate your input on this issue.  Thanks in advance!


Anne Ott, Steering Committee, NEWSTART, e-mail:

Volunteer Ambassador, Colville National Forest