Pass Creek Pass Ride – 2021

Our USFS permit allows us to park near the main roads & use a “feeder” road to avoid travel on the main Sullivan Creek Road – this route is NOT to be used without a permit!  Areas visitedhufflake hufflake2 hufflake3 passcreek2021 passcreek20211 passcreek20212 passcreek20213 passcreek20214 passcreek20215 passcreek20216 passcreek20217 passcreek20218 passcreek20219 passcreek202120 passcreek202121 passcreek202122 passcreek202123 passcreek202124 included:  Granite Falls, Teddy Roosevelt Cedar Grove, and Huff Lake Interpretive Area (cranberry bog).